At Lexar Cabinets, we offer fully custom cabinets online.  Choose the Width, Depth, and Height to exactly fit your space.  We offer Painted Cabinets, Stained Cabinets, and Unfinished Cabinets, in a variety of door styles.  All the cabinets we offer are fully assembled.  

We offer our cabinet boxes in either Pre-finished Plywood or White Melamine.  Fully customizable for Width, Height, and Depth.  Many cabinets to choose from in Base, Upper, and Tall cabinets.

Fully customizable for Width, Height, and Depth.  Choose from Pure White, Dover White, Light Gray, and Dark Gray painted finishes, as well as Medium Brown or Espresso stain finishes.  Casework is your choice of Pre-finished plywood or White Melamine.  Many cabinets to choose from in Base, Upper, and Tall cabinets.

Order your cabinets Unfinished (Paint Grade) and finish in your own custom color.  Our Unfinished doors are made of a Paint Grade Maple frame and an MDF center panel.  Fully customizable for Width, Height, and Depth.  Large selection of Base, Upper, and Tall cabinets.

What Makes Our Cabinets Better


Fully Assembled Custom Cabinets
Buying custom cabinets online is more simple than ever using Lexar Cabinets. We offer streamlined online ordering right here on our website, and fully customizable cabinet sizes. Our cabinets are built to last using only the finest quality lumber and American made components. Combine this with our frameless and full overlay cabinet construction method and you have a superior cabinet product for your new project. What more could you ask for in a custom cabinet line?

Order Custom Kitchen and Bath Cabinets Online
Ordering custom cabinets is easier than ever. We offer a state of the art website for placing and tracking all orders. Compile your cabinet order at your own speed, check prices and play around with various options before you place your new custom cabinet order. Ordering cabinets on the internet has never been easier than this!

Fully custom cabinets
Looking for customization of your cabinets? Our custom cabinets are available with 1/4" size increments. Imagine the possibilities of maximizing your space and getting your custom cabinet project so dialed in that you can reduce or eliminate all the unused and wasted space. This maximizes your storage in every cabinet without being constrained by limited size options. Our cabinets are built order and you can order them however you wish, have fun!

American made cabinets (right here in California)
Looking quality American made craftsmanship? We use only the best materials and cabinet components in our cabinets. Purebond plywood cabinet cases (3/4" thick, formaldehyde-free, made in Oregon), Blum Blumotion drawer slides (full extension, soft closing, made in USA), Blum Blumotion hinges (soft closing, made in USA), and premium drawer boxes come standard with every cabinet we sell!

Frameless and Full-Overlay Construction Cabinets
Our cabinets utilize a frameless and full overlay cabinet construction method. This results in a seamless and high end design that is impossible to rival using outdated construction methods. Combine a frameless and full overlay construction method with factory direct premium cabinet components and you will see nothing but beauty and longevity from your new cabinet project. Enjoy your new cabinet project from start to finish, order from Lexar Cabinets today!

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